Top 10 Must-Watch Rave Films & Documentaries

September 13, 2016

Are you bored of listening to those same electronic musical tracks again and again? Do you wanna try something different? Get ready to strap on your fairy wings because it’s time for some ultimate craziness. Go for some rave films & documentaries; enough to sparkle some sweet nostalgia.

Here’s a list that includes top ten rave films & documentaries, you should definitely watch!

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Leave the World Behind

This musical documentary is worth watching as it tells the story of the band “Swedish House Mafia”! The movie gives you insight on how 3 individuals with different backgrounds merged together to create great music and became successful.

Berlin Calling

Directed by Hannes Stohr, this 2008 German tragic comedy beautifully narrates the events following DJ and producer Ickarus’s (Paul Kalkbrenner) institutionalization for drug abuse. After Ickarus is taken to a psychiatric hospital in Berlin, his album and live performances were in danger.

Human Traffic

You shouldn’t miss the chance to watch this amazingly entertaining movie; that tells the story of five protagonists planning, enjoying and coming back from a holiday in Cadriff. The central feature of this movie is the ignorance of moralizing about the impact of 90’s dance lifestyle.

We are Your Friends

Starring Zac Efron in the lead, this 2015 drama depicts the story of a young DJ trying to get popularity in the world of music and figure out life with his friends. The film received mixed reviews and grossed $11 million.
Put the Needle on the Record
This award winning documentary beautifully explores the evolution of electronic music and the rise of the DJ in pop culture. Filmed in Miami, the movie features some brilliant soundtracks.

Hey DJ

Hey DJ narrates the meteoric rise to fame of DJ Hound Dog and how he makes fun of his love life. The movie features all star cast of the world’s greatest DJ’s ever.

One Perfect Day

Directed by Kim Jee-woon, this rom-com tells the story of Tommy, a Melbourne boy and his meeting the girl of dreams. The story further tells his return to Melbourne on the death of his younger sister and discovers how she became involved in the dance world.

24 hour Party People

24 Hour Party People is a British comedy drama film that tells the story of Manchester’s popular music community from 1976 to 1992. What result is a tale of music, drama, sex, larger than life characters and also the birth of one of the most famous dance clubs in the world – The Hacienda.

High Tech Soul

This is the first documentary to take on the in-depth story of techno music alongside the cultural history of Detroit, the birthplace. From the race riots of 1967 to those underground party scenes of 80’s, the movie narrates it all the beautiful way.

Dutch Influence

In this film, Dutch DJ’s reveal how they experiences success and what this success entails. They amazingly share the beautiful moments and experiences but also devote on the downsides of this success. The movie also shows how the celebrity and fame of this artist started spreading like a virus on the other side of the ocean.