Evolution of Progressive House Music

Electronic Music- one of the most popular forms of music of today’s era- a myriad of branches including disco, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), rock music, trance music, psychedelic music, and house music. Progressive house is one of its most loved sub-genres, and if you are not aware of this type of electronic music, then it’s worth to know about it now! It is probably one of the largest sub-genres of electronic music. Eventually, the music is progressive in nature, which might start on a slow note and gradually build up, as the song moves forward. A lot of side-chaining is often involved; however, use of automation clips on the main synth is the key feature. Progressive House Music carries a ton of history behind its origin from house music.

After the first wave of house music, progressive house seemed to emerge. The roots of progressive house can be traced back to the early 1990s, which was the peak time for rave and club scenes in the UK, Europe, Australia and Northern America. During this era, the individual styles of US house, UK house, Italian house, German house, and techno largely influenced each other. Various combinations led to the progressive house style. Initially, this term was used only as a marketing label that differentiated new rave house from the traditional American one.

It all started way back in 1992, in the UK. An exciting, new house sound swept the UK and electronic music lovers got to listen to a distinct musical style – it was hard and banging, yet tuneful, thoughtful and uplifting! Progressive House is a sub-type of house music. It initially developed as a natural progression of American and European house music of the late 1980s, and later underwent extensive advancements. As far as popular music is concerned, the term progressive was first used in the 1970s with the desire to separate a number of exploratory music styles from standard approaches. Progressive House Music very well differentiated the experimental forms of rock music from mainstream styles. It enabled musicians to explore alternate approaches to produce rock music.

Creations of some rock musicians dramatically elevated the aesthetic values of rock music by incorporating classic features associated with classical instrumental music. This was particularly the origin of Progressive Rock Music. To put it simple, Progressive House Music is a simple, funky, mad melody that drives you crazy and makes you dance!