Top 10 EDM Tracks of All Time

August 16, 2017
CLUJ-NAPOCA ROMANIA - AUGUST 7 2016: Confetti cannons throwing confetti from the stage over the crowd at a Dj Lost Frequency concert at the Untold Festival

In an age where media covers or focuses on everything we do, fads seem to grow old faster. These days, songs are able to stay at the top of the chart for months and that’s it. It’s rare to expect that EDM track will last forever in the audience’s mind. Keeping that note in mind, here we come with a list that will tell you about the most happening EDM

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Logic Pro Vs Ableton Live – The Major Players

October 27, 2016
Logic Pro

With the budding demand for both Logic Pro and Ableton Live in the world of electronic music; it’s really tough to decide on which software is the best. Music producers are often caught in dilemma while selecting the best Digital Audio Workstation. Inimitable in their functionality and performance; each software has its own limitations and it’s up to the music producers to make use of the relevant software as per

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