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Electronic Space Music

Electronic Space Music

Welcome to the Electronic Space Music Arena!

Amped-up electrifying and groovy, Electronic Space Music, now known as ESMRECORDS, founded in 2010, presents experienced, talented and individualistic genius, in its style.

Our music loving team has a passion for playing, producing and promoting intelligent electronica, progressive, psychedelic, up-tempo and down-tempo music, So, while music is our medium and rhythm a guideline……. tronica is our calling.


Who are we?

A musical hub, ESMRECORDS was launched in 2010 with the intent to cater to music and lifestyle audiences across the globe, and our record label/production unit with accomplished and passionate musicians has been producing top-notch cutting edge sounds throughout national and international communities ever since.

With over 18 years of experience in electronic music, we provide a technological framework for curators, listeners and music lovers to harness the potential of music sharing, listening and buying. While a distinctive low frequency characterizes our sound, our seasoned music professionals bring you the finest/best music in the industry .